Serenade (2014-2015)

This series of paired canvases are layered with thick oil paint, acrylic and wax, using subtle, bold, light and dark colors, and curving textured lines which ripple across each of their surfaces.  These formal qualities describe an abstracted representation of two figures, and the visceral experience of different landscapes as they relate to the physical and emotional self.  


Standing in front of works that at first appear abstract, one soon has the sense of gazing into open fields of flickering light and color, reminiscent of the sky and water at different times of day and night. There is a visceral quality and sensuousness of material evident in all of the work, and intensified in the largest 6 by 7 foot paintings, which Frerichs intends to be deeply-felt, full-body experiences for the viewer. Several paintings in this series appear more overtly as landscapes, with discernible horizon lines, referencing the light and atmosphere of places with emotional significance for Frerichs—New York, Lake Tahoe, and Los Angeles. The light between us (Lake Tahoe) and Nocturne both depict the soft hues before and after sunset, the repetition of waves and fluidity of water, representing feelings of pleasure, movement and calm.


Other paintings offer less reference to place and instead forefront an impression of the figure, with more pronounced curving grid lines painted upon the surfaces. Here, Frerichs expresses the energy of people across the paired canvases, translating the physical body into abstract pictorial space, with a meeting taking place in the space where the two canvases meet, and the pattern repeats. On love (for Agnes Martin) and Warm Winter Kiss (for Constantin Brancusi) use vibrant whites, peaches and pinks to describe feelings of warmth, joy and affection, while also paying homage to two artists who have been influential in Frerichs’ artistic practice. Serenade, and Aubade 2 each use rich blue and peach hues, darkness and light, to abstractly depict a sense of subtle rhythmic movement shared between two lovers at dusk (Serenade) and dawn (Aubade 2).